Amalgamation of Silences

This is a story on the subject of healing and emerging from enduring trauma.

Trauma causes fractures in the soul, inevitably leading to a consolidation of oppressive fears, self-imposed constraints, and the inner censorship of agonizing feelings. “Amalgamation of Silences” is about the space and time between inner suppression and liberation. It is the chaos of emotions and thoughts constantly intersecting and overlapping inside a person who lives with unconscious conflict.

I find my inspiration in the workings of the human mind, and this body of work is my attempt at triangulating consciousness through the prism of visualization, moving images, and anonymous voices.

Amalgamation of Silences; conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: January to February 2020, Exhibited in Sofia, Bulgaria on 26th February 2020

Amalgamation of Silences

Experimental Audio Art for Amalgamation of Silences

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