Oasis 1.4 "Symbiote"

Oasis version 1.4 is an Organism that is born out of me and circumstances. We are in a symbiotic relationship. My studio provides a nurturing environment for both of us.


The videos/films and audio art are being made for capturing the birthing essence of the project. The performance art exercise itself, is an act of harnessing the instinctive force of Oasis as an organism, and allowing that energy to flow through me while Oasis creates itself. I am the channel. The installation is its form, complete with a beating LED heart, with the power of 3.6 volts, and a mirror for a soul.

Oasis 1.4 OST - Symbiote

An audio interpretation of the birth of the organism 

7 minutes 7 seconds *Play on high definition headphones/sound systems for a better listening experience

Oasis: Story so far

Brought together through the Covid 19 pandemic, Oasis is an organic process driven, continuously evolving, transformative body of art. It is made of found objects, visual art, acts of performance, films, sculptural elements, and poetry. Every new version is formed out of the same objects, but aligned to a different context every time. It is a concept of our world.

Oasis; conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: Currently ongoing long term body of work in Sofia, Bulgaria

Previous Versions

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